Piñera and Ortega. A President and an Ape

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What unbelievable assholes!

Rescue teams in Nicaragua have suspended their efforts to locate seven men trapped by a cave-in at a gold mine on Thursday.

Government officials said that a new landslide has made it unsafe for the rescue work to proceed.

They had a similar situation in Chile some four years ago. Several miners were trapped in a cave-in. The leftist jerks screamed their outrage about the horrible working conditions in the «abominable» capitalist Chile, and prayed almost openly the miners would not be rescued. There was a rightist president in Chile then, Sebastian Piñera, so the left-wingers had set their sights on destroying the country. Lots of press came to “report the situation” at the mine (in other words lie and misrepresent everything and everyone). Some fabrications were funnier than the others. For instance, one Russian representative claimed Sebastian Piñera’s brother (Miguel Piñera) fingers were “soft and chubby, like that of an idle lady”. Lying for the ideological purposes is all in the day’s work, except Miguel Piñera’s hands and fingers actually look very tough, and his grip (to this I can attest from personal experience) is quite strong.

Anyway, the important thing is that the miners have been saved, and Piñera had shown himself to be a strong leader and a good politician.

Today Nicaragua is being crushed by a Sandinista dictatorship. Daniel Ortega, the president, had recently shown himself an enlightened man by requesting that the Pope “cast out the demons from the Israeli PM Netanyahu”. His method of administration is based on any number of emergency decrees. Anyone opposing the regime risks being beaten or imprisoned. The poverty, the economic collapse, the unbelievably low welfare indicators – these are the signs of the Sandinista government, both right after the Somoza family had been deposed and now.

So… where is the international press? Where is the chorus howling about socialism ruining the miners’ working conditions? Why isn’t Ortega called to account? Why haven’t the miners been saved?

The answer is simple: comrade Ortega, like Che and Castro, is an «untouchable», a «saint», he «fights for the poor people». He may personally murder each and every miner in Nicaragua and still the journalists will say he is blameless – quite unlike the «disgusting capitalist» Sebastian Piñera and his «ladylike» brother who only participated in the rescue operations to demonstrate their cannibalistic tendencies.

The picture shows, left to right, Sebastian Piñera and Daniel Ortega. The former is a normal president of a normal country. The latter – a proud head of a poverty-stricken failed state, a savage driven crazy by watching too many exorcism movies.


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