#24F: Freedom for Venezuela

On February 24th we organized an important rally in Buenos Aires — a rally in support of the still-free people of Venezuela and their courageous protest against that mad Fuehrer, Nicolas Maduro. Some Venezuelan refugees attended our rally, as well as the representatives of the «Una voz por Venezuela» foundation and of the largest opposition party, PRO. It is my fervent hope that this new year will see Venezuela free of the bloodsucking murderous fiends whose yoke had been on her neck for too long.

I also pray that not one of them will be able to run and hide when the people of that country finally overthrow their tyranny. No one should be able to escape justice — neither Maduro himself, nor a Chavez-appointed judge, nor even the least thug of the paramilitares with blood on his hands. The citizens of Venezuela have a right to a free and prosperous country!

Down with Maduro! Away with dictators! ¡Viva Venezuela!