«Visión Independiente»: a media attack on the leftist statism

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The «Visión Independiente» is a new independent Argentinian newspaper, available since August 2015. Its Chief Editor and manager is Kitty Sanders, a well-known journalist specializing in the problems of youth politics, right-wing politics and various international affairs. Ms. Sanders’ first book, «Brotes Pisoteados: organizaciones juveniles progubernamentales» was published in February 2015 by Grupo Unión.


The 1st issue of our newspaper includes several articles written just for us: a study of Kirshner’s ever-reinforced secret police forces, by Mr. Javier Milei (a famous and brilliant Argentinian economist); an analysis of the past and future dynamics of the Argentinian inflation, by Mr. Martin Simonetta (the director of the Foundation ATLAS in Argentina); a review of the BRICS block and its dangers for the Latin American countries by Kitty Sanders. We also have several human rights articles, a jurisprudential column by Dr. Ricardo Saint Jean and a libertarian column by Mr. Martin Ferrari. In addition, you will find local news and a firsthand account of a recent anti-Maduro demonstration.

The main idea behind the newspaper is unification of the anticommunist, anti-BRICS, centrist, center-right, libertarian forces in Latin America. I’ll elucidate. It is, in my opinion, very important to keep open the communication channels between various forces opposing Kirchner and her regime; these forces are sometimes scattered and rarely employ modern technologies in their work. The newspaper will allow me to do just that. It will also serve as a stage for general discussions between groups and movements opposing the 21st century socialism, whose aggressive technologies have been developed in China and in Russia and are being imported into the Latin American countries. The people in these movements do not always share a common ideology – they can be libertarians, classical liberals (conservators in the US political tradition), centrists, anti-communist freedom fighters; they can belong to small or to big-tent parties; but they do share a common goal.

Another important point is the lack of serious oppositionist media in Argentina, media defending the freedom of speech. The fear of the government, the atmosphere of oppression is very strong. Upon reading my articles my friends have more than one cautioned me that writing and talking so uncompromisingly and openly could prove dangerous. And they are, of course, correct. But an honest journalist cannot help but strongly oppose and do everything in his or her power to combat the corrupted officials, the police and the judges putting themselves above the law, everything that is collectively known as ‘state terrorism’.

We at «Visión Independiente» intend to break the vicious circle of fear, justifications and lies, of leftist monopoly on “truth” (which is, in fact, beamed directly from Havana, Moscow and Beijing). We will fight for freedom of speech and civil rights, we will give voice to those who, until now, were forced to keep quiet.

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To do all that, we will have to create a serious newspaper – one that will analyze the local, national and international political and economic situation, and will base this analysis on scientific theories, not on leftist populist garbage.

While working on the 1st issue of the newspaper, and even before, having discussed the very idea with various potential colleagues, I have been told that Argentina is not a good country to work on such notions, that the people here are either too afraid or brainwashed or both. I strongly disagree. Argentina has known democracy and the heritage of it is still strong with its people. They know how to fight for their freedom – the latest action («Marcha del Silencio» and mass protests on #13N (2014) prove this. There is an active opposition to the current regime – just recently, they managed to elect their representative as a mayor of Buenos Aires. It was a very important victory for everybody, whether they like PRO or not, think it too militant or not militant enough. In short, the main problem here is the lack of such newspapers as «Visión Independiente», not the lack of potential readers. Let’s work on this!

We plan to make the next issue more internationally oriented, include several columns by various authors from several Latin American countries.

Our newspaper on the internet: visionindependiente.com

Kitty Sanders, 2015

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