«Brotes Pisoteados» by Kitty Sanders – 2nd edition

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The 2nd edition of my book is finally out.

The book describes the history of the state-funded and state-controlled youth organizations, and the method the states use to recruit and ‘nationalize’ their youths. It talks about the various types of the pro-governmental organizations — from the illegal paramilitary kind to the official bureaucracy-ridden ones.

The 1st edition was published by a small liberal agency called “Grupo Union” about a year ago.

The book was conceived as the opening volume in the series “Afuera del Mercado Libre”, aimed at describing various economic and political phenomena created or subverted by the state to increase its power, expand and toughen its control over its people.

The book was sold out faster than we expected. The book was showcased on various sales exhibits, such as Feria Internacional del Libro, and promoted by various liberal foundations. It had mostly positive reviews, and the few sharply negative exceptions wre kindly provided by my ideological opponents – the Kirchnerists and the radical left.

The 2nd edition was published by a much more serious agency, a publishing house “Prosa”. I had expanded the book, adding 2 more chapters – one on the role of the public education in the nationalization of the young generation, and another on the camouflage adopted by the pro-government youth organizations to blend into a normal civil society.

We have also changed the cover and the format of the book, and added several reviews – by a noted Argentinean historian Nicolas Marquez, a Columbian writer and political activist Edilson Villa and by an Argentinean libertarian Jorge Trucco.

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Kitty Sanders, 2016

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