Some thoughts on the creepy-crawling and carpet shitting

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That is, indeed, a wonderful piece of journalism.

From it we can glean the moral and intellectual progress of the Russian intelligence (or counterintelligence, or whichever service it is that is pushing the diplomats around): they have achieved the level of the hippie radicals of the 1960s, exemplified in the infamous Manson Family.

Contrary to the popular beliefs, Manson was neither a serial killer nor even anything extraordinary. He was the ideologist/mastermind of the fairly amusing Helter Skelter concept. He also was a rather near-sighted leftist of a racist variety. Manson did not go outside the hippie discourse, though he did push it to its extremis. His persuasion methods (gruppensex, naked dancing in the moonlight, drugs, guitar strumming, etc.), his all-too-obvious anti-mainstream behavior, even his ATWA ideology fall in quite easily with what hippies use for ideology – all the drivel about balance, Mother Nature, lifeforce and so on are quite par for the course with the American left of the 60s.

Murders? So what? Many leftists swear by God and Marx that they are all about love and peace and love of peace, and they are all of them murdering scum, killing people by the millions. Lenin and Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara, Castro and Mengistu were no different in their ideas, only in their scale. Even Foucault, an intellectual and an idol of leftist philosophy, used to say that “the Renault workers pushing their foreman into a machine crying ‘time to tighten your bolts’ are OK in my book”.

But to go back to the article. If memory serves (and I have not been interested in criminology or murderers extraordinaire for years now), Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the Manson case, described in his “Helter Skelter” book the «crawling», or the “creepy-crawling» tactic. The Manson Family members used to enter the houses of the “pigs” (i.e. the rich) in the dark of the night, moved the furniture around, turned the pictures over, and so on; and then, undetected, left the scene of the crime. This was their way to scare and demoralize their victims.

And what do we read in the article? Here is the relevant quote: “In a series of secret memos sent back to Washington, described to me by several current and former U.S. officials who have written or read them, diplomats reported that Russian intruders had broken into their homes late at night, only to rearrange the furniture or turn on all the lights and televisions, and then leave. One diplomat reported that an intruder had defecated on his living room carpet.”

In other words, it is the “crawling tactic” all over again, with the additional touch of the shitting on the floors. Even the Family didn’t sink that low, though they did leave scribblings on the walls. Let’s hope the bright intelligence officers get an extra medal for their brown and stinky ingenuity.

Let’s hope guys from the Russian intelligence will follow up on the same track and discover for themselves LSD and gruppensex; maybe then they will leave the American diplomats, and the rest of the actually civilized world, the hell alone.

Kitty Sanders, 2016

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