Spectrum of the Right vs. “Complex” of the Left

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Many people have asked me on more than one occasion: «Why do you keep writing about the Latino-American or Asian dictatorships? They are undemocratic, unscrupulous, sometimes bloodthirsty and plain unacceptable. And what’s the point of studying obscure right-wing movements of the Third World anyway? The course of the world is decided in USA and Europe.»

The answer is simple, but, sadly, not so apparent anymore. The thing is that I’m a proponent of the American model – the «cowboy capitalism» as it was defined by Olaf Gersemann. I don’t know a better model then capitalism, free market and democracy. Regardless, I will always claim: it is essential for any self-respecting rightist, whether he is a conservative, a liberal or a libertarian, to study and understand the alternative models as well.


We’ve lost sight of our priorities. The rightist philosophies are in tatters and generate almost no ideas. The right-wing informational structure has neither a common system of values nor a common list of respected names. When asked what right-wing thinkers they can name, most people’s answers would be disheartening. Americans would name Reagan, West, Sowell, Hayek and Friedman; European would remember Wilders, Le Pen, “Jobbik” and the Greek “Golden Dawn” and maybe Thatcherism, although they would probably mention how the latter goes against the European social values. Post-soviet republic citizens usually mistake the right-wing ideas for the socially conservative or nationally oriented socialism and thus consider Hitler and Mussolini right-wing politicians. In many Latin-American countries mentioning the rightist values (including the word “capitalism”) can be hazardous to your health. Even in the relatively civilized Argentina the word “right” is merely a synonym for a “fascist”; now project this onto Bolivia or Venezuela!

Narrow-minded nationalism reigns supreme in the rightist pro-capitalist media. An American author has no hope of being published in Russia except when writing about Russian problems directly; and vice versa. Every time I see this I want to cry out: are you all insane?! What about our common values, what about the free market, the democracy, the right to bear arms, the freedom of speech? Is Venezuelan freedom of speech less important than American? Are Russian dictatorship problems less acute than Obama’s policies? It’s a disgrace when the US, who considers itself the leader of the free world and the vanguard of capitalism, refuses to acknowledge the problems of freedom and capitalism in the other countries.

The strength of the idea of capitalism lies in the individualism and the free thought of all its supporters. But the disunity and the lack of the common ground in terms of common knowledge and ideas won’t do us any favors. Ideological nationalism and blindness to any problems beyond our borders are lethal in the modern world. Consider, even our terminology is in complete disarray. For instance, the word “liberal” in Europe and Russia is similar to the American republican, while in USA and Israel that same word is tantamount to a “left-winger”.

The leftist propaganda machine uses this disunity and tries to muddle the issue further by mixing up fascism, Nazism and Stalinism with the right-wing ideas. All this is done to show that the proponents of open market, private ownership and individual liberties are ghouls and mass murderers. The leftists screech hysterically at any mention of a prominent right-wing leader and never cease trying to bury us in guilt.

They call Thatcher “the murderer of a generation”; to them Pinochet is “a blood-stained butcher” and senator McCain is “insane”, even if the time did prove him right about almost everything. They couple this with a constant demand that we show respect to their own leaders and political figures. Michel Foucault announces that if Renault workers throw their straw boss in the machinery, saying “We’ll tighten your nuts”, it’s perfectly okay. Yet it is McCain, a moderate proponent of capitalism, who long ago pointed out the danger in Putin’s politics, who they call “insane”.

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao are covered in the blood of the innocent. By some insane logic the leftists equate them with Pinochet, who executed 3200 men, most of them ultra left-wing terrorists from MIR and other similar groups. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are “tyrants” because of their struggle with the trade union mobsters. The leaders of Venezuela, Bolivia and Belarus who ban and destroy whole political movements, who incarcerate people by the bushel, who deal final blows to their already mutilated Constitutions – these are the beacons of light and progress.

There are, in my opinion, three major problems in the right-wing informational spectrum: the language barriers, the lack of interest and the denial of history. The first two problems we have dealt with above; the third is caused by the majority of the right-wing leaders, philosophers and trend setters having been ridiculed by the so-called ‘society’, or rather by the leftist and left-liberal media network; that which Andrew Breitbart had called «the Complex».

Margaret ThatcherWhat is to be done to solve these problems? To me, the answer is obvious – we are in a dire need of the Complex of our own. It’s not so hard – we need to create new media sources which would from a foundation for the whole right-wing movement. This movement will be not «American», nor «French», nor “Brazilian» – it will be global, universal, worldwide. This process need to be started in multiple languages and should be aimed at the past and future alike; at the past – to remember, to translate, to inform and to fill the blanks of world’s history; and at the future – to predict and to form unbiased view on the world. But the main thing this Complex must do is to teach the reader to analyze, to make him ask questions even when the answers seem obvious, to accustom him to back his views with solid proof and evidence.

We won’t need to lie or cover-up for past sins. Our founders didn’t soil their hands with genocides, mass torturing and world wars. The main difference between the left and the right view on power is that the rightist do not need the absolute power, while the leftists can’t exist without it. For a rightist the power is but an instrument for solving social conflicts and for self-defense. For a leftist it’s a means to the end of systemizing the whole universe, to tighten the nuts, to labeling everything and planning for every eventuality. The rightists model the world to understand its workings. The leftists invent models and try to force the world’s shape to fit them. The result of such an attempt is not unlike a rape; we saw this on numerous occasions. Bolsheviks, Red Guards, Khmer Rouge, Putin, European left-wing intellectuals, Zelaya, American left-wing democrats, Chavez – they are all have this in common: their desire to spew their venom and to rob the people not only of their property, but of their free will and conscience.

Every country has its own right-wing traditions which the people will patriotically defend. There are many right parties – from very socially conservative to libertarian. These differences are not an important issue; it’s far more important to create a common basis to build upon. Private property, civil freedoms, democracy, capitalism and open market – those are our fundamentals. There are proponents of these principles in every more of less developed country. I think it is important to give them all something unifying, make them understand that the most important part of Pinochet’s, Thatcher’s and Yeltsin’s policies were not “trade unions violation”, “Russophobia”, or “3200 executed” but their economic and social platforms and the results of their policies.

This “universal approach” is of vital importance to the rightists around the world. We’ve rejected our policies, our history, our unity for far too long; we’ve listened to “the Complex” demand that we are to be bound and muzzled; and we have had enough.
The creation of our new common basis will not be done overnight, it’ll take at several years; by the end of that time we expect to be fully functional in several countries, to provide the constant stream of information and to gain influence in the “lost” territories – EU, Latin America, Asia etc.

Once this is accomplished and the right-wing discourse has been restored to these lands, we will say that the left has truly lost. About time.

Kitty Sanders,
E. Wolodarsky

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