Tricks, Threats and Drama, or The Reckoning for Reckless Writing

Greetings my readers,

As most of you probably know, my foremost, and still ongoing investigation is into the shadowy and unpleasant world of adult industry and human trafficking. I tend not to talk about my successes in this area for fear of sounding immodest or boastful. However, my book Prolegómenos al libro Carne, published in 2016, is not only dedicated to this investigation but also fully illustrated with my own documentary pictures. And the book Carne itself, a two-volume magnum opus, is up for publication in 2019. If you want to know more about my investigation, the methods and the results, just follow the links below.

Some time ago I began to receive threats from people interested in having my investigation stopped. I generally ignore such things: there are always threats, and were I to treat them seriously I would not have been able to step out of my apartment, let alone advance my studies into the area. However, this time the people sending them were obviously much better prepared; they knew important and intimate details of my life, including my home address. The Spanish-language threats became intermixed with Russian-language ones I realized that this was no longer a laughing matter.

I turned for help to the anti-trafficking organizations, gave them the pictures, the screenshots and whatever else they required as proof that the threats were real. They responded much stronger than I expected, up to and including a suggestion that I move to another country and live incognito for a year. One of these bodies, an important Catholic anti-trafficking organization, have declared me to be its ward.

The anti-traffickers turned to government for help. Here is an example of a letter they sent to Ministerio Público de la Defensa:

It took some ten or fifteen days of scrupulous checking of all the evidence – names, screenshots, pictures, etc. – but now, it would seem, the government is ready to take real action.

I have received strong support from all these people, and it would seem that, unfortunately, I will have to really disappear for quite a few months. My lawyer gave me this new phone, warning me against using my own.

This means that, in addition to ruining my routine, these scum managed to spoil for me Halloween and Christmas celebration, forced me to cancel my gym and kickboxing training, and so on and so forth.

Much worse, however, is their seeming victory over my work. I will be forced to postpone writing my book on the Latin American Right Political History – I planned to finish it by next year, but without my references, my research, without my contacts in the community I won’t be able to do that. This is a loss to all of you, my readers, for I planned to give it out on the Web for free. God knows when I’ll be able to finish it.
As for Carne: I put the copies of all of my materials, drafts and documents in the hands of a few trusted people, including but not limited to my lawyers. All these will be published in case anything happens to me, and trust me when I say they include enough to bury those who are forcing me into hiding.

This site will receive few if any updates in the upcoming months. My Spanish site will be regularly updated with progress regarding my case and my work; I’m relying on my lawyer to do this for me.

For now, I remain loyal to you, my readers, and who knows, maybe this time it really will be over by Christmas.

Below is a link to a short video giving more details on my situation. Although it is – for obvious reasons – in Spanish, most of you, dear readers, should be able to understand it.

Kitty Sanders, Octomber 2017

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