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Some thoughts on the creepy-crawling and carpet shitting

That is, indeed, a wonderful piece of journalism. From it we can glean the moral and intellectual progress of the Russian intelligence (or counterintelligence, or whichever service it is that is pushing the diplomats around): they have achieved the level of the hippie radicals of the 1960s, exemplified in the infamous Manson Family. Contrary to […]

“Brotes Pisoteados” by Kitty Sanders – 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of my book is finally out. The book describes the history of the state-funded and state-controlled youth organizations, and the method the states use to recruit and ‘nationalize’ their youths. It talks about the various types of the pro-governmental organizations – from the illegal paramilitary kind to the official bureaucracy-ridden ones. The […]

A Dedication to my President

February the 1st. Boris Yeltsin’s birthday. It is now considered acceptable and even in good taste to pin the blame on him for every horrible, bad or just unpleasant thing happening in Russia. Putin’s government needs a scapegoat for explaining away their crimes, and the people are happy to accept that one. I predict that, […]

“Visión Independiente”: a media attack on the leftist statism

The “Visión Independiente” is a new independent Argentinian newspaper, available since August 2015. Its Chief Editor and manager is Kitty Sanders, a well-known journalist specializing in the problems of youth politics, right-wing politics and various international affairs. Ms. Sanders’ first book, “Brotes Pisoteados: organizaciones juveniles progubernamentales” was published in February 2015 by Grupo Unión. The […]

Venezuelan opposition and the civic initiatives

A notable rally of the Venezuelan diaspora took place on May 30th in Buenos Aires. Citizens of other countries of the region took active part in the proceedings. The protest was organized by the Faculty of Law building of UBA, though the corresponding marches were not limited to Argentina – hundreds of people in many […]

#24F: Freedom for Venezuela

On February 24th we organized an important rally in Buenos Aires – a rally in support of the still-free people of Venezuela and their courageous protest against that mad Fuehrer, Nicolas Maduro. Some Venezuelan refugees attended our rally, as well as the representatives of the “Una voz por Venezuela” foundation and of the largest opposition […]